September 6, 2008

These are 9/11 terms. LIHOP means “let it happen in purpose and MIHOP means “made it happen on purpose”. Almost 80% of Americans belong to one of these two groups. Clearly LIHOPs are just uninformed because the US government definitely made 9/11 happen and of course it was on purpose. LIHOPs think that a ragtag band of Islamic extremists with relatively few hours of flight experience were able to commandier 747s and accurately target the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. It takes hundreds of hours of flight time for pilots to execute those type of manuvers. Did I mention the size of the hole at the Pentagon matches that of a missile or that the front lawn was not damaged in the least before it was dug up after the impact?

We are definitely dealing with a MIHOP scenario. LIHOPs are still clinging to the boogeyman theory that there are people out there that hate us and have the means to bring us to our knees if we do not remain vigilant. Bullshit. No one out there can challenge the power of the United States, although that is changing with globalism. If anything the false flag attacks on 9/11 have made us more vulnerable because the government blamed it on Islamic extremists and then used racism and religious discrimination to extrapolate that to Islam in general.

Whites in America are always ready to believe that nonwhites want to get revenge on them for something because whites in power have done so much to keep much of the world living in abject poverty. My question to average everyday whites is why do they want to take the heat for the damage the elite have done and are doing? White supremacy is truly a powerful tool from a mental perspective. It binds whites to each so tightly that many of them, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, still refuse to believe that elite whites who care nothing about them would actively pursue their slaughter for material gain. I call it green racism, whereby elite whites that are more concerned about money, power and control use white supremacy to maintain loyalty of the white masses who still believe that race matters more than anything else. In other words, most whites have been duped and still don’t realize it.

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