God, Country, Military and Mom

August 31, 2008

These are the four inviolable tenets of American culture. No one is allowed to question them or criticize them and leave with their reputation, and hence livelihood, unscathed. Let’s look at each and how they are used to keep Americans’ minds permanently enslaved.

God. No three letters have ever caused so much death and destruction by mankind. In today’s America it is verboten for politicians to profess atheist or agnostic views. Recently Rep. Pete Stark of California’s 13th district came out as an atheist. I’ll bet he would never have done so representing any other state or earlier in his life. America professes belief in a god that we cannot possibly know exists. Many Americans actually do not believe in god but say they do or call themselves spiritual because they know the heavy penalty for being a known nonbeliever. The Constitution clearly establishes separation of church and state and yet we live in a virtual theocracy where both major parties routinely proclaim their faith. The average politician does not believe in a benevolent god. The believe in money and they believe that religion allows leaders to control the credulous masses who need hope for a better life as the rich continue to undermine their very existence.

Country. What is country except land? Land is power and whites know it. That’s why they’ve spent the past few thousand years taking it from every nonwhite race on the planet. But country is also nationalism and nativism, what I like to call false patriotism or blind loyalty. It creates an us vs them mentality from a global perspective. Take the Olympics for example. Why do Americans always cheer for America just because we live here? This vestigial pack mentality that humans still possess leads to more wars and human conflicts that anything still swimming around in our lower brains. Loyalty to country means loyalty to the rich and the powers that be. God and country and usually mentioned in the same breath because whites still believe in Manifest Destiny and that God sanctions their killing of nonwhites for material gain. Interestingly many nonwhite Americans also buy into this nativist imperialism, as though the US can do no wrong. The media and public education are largely responsible for propagating these lies and they usually go unchallenged except in the periphery of left-wing journalism. Nonwhite Americans get right behind whites as though they are glad to be part of the winning team that kills and steals all over the planet. It’s better than living in Africa right?

Military. Young men must die to keep the old ones alive. No one is allowed to criticize the military despite their mercenarious ways of signing up children to kill women and children and steal oil from other countries for a paycheck when no work is available in the hometowns of the brainwashed from outsourcing and our enormous trade deficit. The US military demands blind loyalty. Soldiers are not allowed to question policy without being considered a traitor or a deserter. They are summarily tried and convicted by court martial and if they are lucky dishonorably discharged and then unable to find decent jobs for the rest of their lives just like convicted felons. It’s time to stop endorsing mass murder and theft just for a paycheck and government benefits. The US military is evil not because of the enlistees but because of the people that give them orders. I have no sympathy for any US soldier killed in Iraq sent to do the dirty work of corporations. You got what you deserved.

Mom. I included this one for personal reasons but why moms so often beyond reproach in this country boggles my mind. Fathers are not. We have never had so many single moms as we have now in this country. That in itself demonstrates a colossal lack of responsibility on women’s part. The men are equally to blame but it is the mothers that choose the fathers. The resulting disillusion and anger that women experience from being deserted after a pregnancy ends up hurting the children. From then on it becomes all about exacting revenge on the fathers usually to the detriment of the children. Mothers are not beyong reproach. When I tell people on the problems I have with my own mother they say “Man that’s yo moms yo!”. My retort is “And?”. We share DNA but once I came out of the womb blood should not  and does not ensure my blind loyalty and forgiveness for all a priori. Mothers often make mistakes and those mistakes influence the outcome of countless lives on the planet. Mothers are human. Humans are not perfect. So why are mothers beyond reproach while fathers are taking a tongue-lashing from the likes of presidential hopeful Obama? Women normally have more influence over the children than fathers do and are therefore in a position to do much more damage. Women need to admit to themselves they are making huge, selfish mistakes with their children when they choose the thug over the nice guy. This has collective consequences for the entire country and the breakdown of the American family is just one symptom.


  1. Absolutely fabulous post! I agree as a mother I am responsible to pick a responsible person to have a relationship with. Or at least to take responsibility for picking a loser. I think that we as a nation are one sided when looking at the fatherless homes. We point the finger at the father and could care less that some woman knew that man was no good to begin with.

    I also agree with country and god. We are expending too much energy on these things instead of being committed to helping everyone in our community succeed. But that would be too much like some sort of social state that everyone is frightened of.


  2. I see the Mom issue differently. Males (calling them men would be too charitable) are not held responsible for their actions or their children in this culture. Children are seen as extensions of a particular woman and if they are not currently involved with that woman, the children are considered expendable.

    As to the question of women’s responsibility for choice of sexual partner, that is a matter fraught with complexity. Were the women you criticize, raised in a functional home with a loving father? Did they feel safe, attractive, encouraged and inspired by a man who loved them just as they were? Did they have a savvy and involved male parent who taught them how to recognize their own boundaries and set limits on unacceptable behaviors by boys and men they had relations with? Did they have two parents that modeled mature love, respect and consideration to them?

    I agree that we are all responsible for the choices we make and have to live with the consequences of our actions. That responsibility is applicable to men and women. Fathers choose mothers as much as mothers choose fathers. Both are responsible for the well being of the children they produce, whether intended or not.

  3. Afram, by the very fact that you see the mother issue differently you superficially prove my point. Mothers should get no special privileges in my opinion just because they share DNA with their children. It should be about how well a mother treats their children, not forgiveness for all sins from a genetic predisposition. Fathers do not get this instant forgiveness. Children have no say whether they are born or not. It is completely unfair to make them feel like they are bad children just because they turn out different from their parents, who often resent that departure from what they consider normal. In other words, you get as good as you give. I believe loving mother deserved to be loved and bad mothers deserve bad treatment. Let the punishment fit the crime. Motherhood is not sacrosanct. It’s a biological function to keep the human species from dying out. For the sake of brevity I will not address anyone’s particular religious beliefs because I consider all religion to be ancient ridiculous mythology.

  4. Nfamous23,

    Define what constitutes a “bad mother” to you? What sort of “bad treatment” should a “bad mother” be subject to in your opinion?

  5. A bad mother is one that does not nurture her children and take care of their emotional, mental and physical needs until they can do it for themselves. It’s also mothers that use their motherhood status to manipulate their children to do by making them feel as though they are not a good son or daughter. It’s also mothers that indoctrinate their children into religion, thereby robbing many of them of the choice later in life. Religion also also known for producing massive amounts of guilt. It also allows the elite to control the masses, particularly those on the bottom like blacks and Mexicans. In other words mothers should allow their children to develop naturally by being supportive instead of resenting them when the apple falls from from the tree.

  6. Nfamous23,

    By your first definition, there are very few “bad mothers” in the world, just mothers of varying levels of experience and proficiency. Most mothers take an
    active lifetime interest in their children’s physical, mental and emotional welfare, providing for them long after they should be able to stand on their own. Perhaps you don’t know of such women, I know a plethora of them, of many cultures and ethnicities.

    Some women (and men) suffered trauma, deprivation and neglect as children and therefore have no idea how to parent anyone, including themselves. They have no sense of normalcy, love, sacrifice, boundaries, patience or compassion. All of these are vital when raising children. All of these are vital to a healthy sense of self. Healthy people tend to raise healthy children.

    As to religion, I can understand your disaffection. However, many mothers infuse their children’s lives with religion because they feel that religion provides positive structure and meaning to life. You may feel this is bad, but many mothers feel that they are performing their highest good by what you see as “indoctrination”. It is a part of their own belief systems.

    Nfamous, again I ask, what sort of “bad treatment” should a mother you deem
    “bad” be subject to?

  7. So you are asking what should happen to bad mothers? Like you said it depends on the age. If they are bad enough and the children are young enough they should go to jail. That happens right now when parents are found guilty of neglect. Then Social Services steps in and the child’s life is basically ruined forever, not that he/she had much of a chance in the first place. There is no law against being a “bad” mother when your children are grown. Besides he damage is probably already done at that point, unless the mother became a bad mother after the child was grown.

    I think you are misunderstanding my point. I’m not saying that mothers should receive harsher punishment than fathers for parental dereliction of duty. I’m merely saying that mothers get a pass in this country because they carry the child to term and that has become inappropriately sacrosanct in this culture through the infusion of religious nonsense like the Madonna and the Immaculate Conception. Our family structure is broken in this country and it has been done to us purposely by the elite to keep us from uniting against them as one. We cannot repair that damage when we pretend mothers are perfect or give a pass to them because they are somehow morally untouchable and deserving of some higher respect that fathers rarely receive. Blood is many times not thicker than water.

    Kudos to all the good mothers out there. I’m not talking about them but too many bad mothers also think they are good ones because they don’t even know what a good mother is. I just want the double standards that favor women to stop. Women choose to have children when they have unprotected sex with a man. That does not entitle them to a lifetime of undeserved honor and respect from their children any more than being white should entitle whites to a lifetime of white privilege at the expense of blacks.

  8. Thank you,

    This has been enlightening.

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