Finding and keeping a good man

August 24, 2008

Straight women go on and on about how difficult it is to find and keep a good man. There are three problems with how women approach this task: 1) Where are they finding these men? Most find them at clubs. Wrong place. 2) Do women know how to keep a good man? In my 38 years on this planet I have only found a handful of women that give men the restricted freedom they need to keep the man interested in them. In other words women need a long leash to keep men from feeling confined and obligated and 3) What do women mean by a good man? Most think it’s a nice guy until they get one and then realize he can’t provide orgasms. To most women, a good man is a man that shows them sensitivity sometimes but also demonstrates manly selfishness sometimes. Men are completely clueless when it comes to the balancing act of being a nice guy and a bad boy at the same time. We always overdo one way or the other. The female approach is one of window shopping where they make themselves look as physically attractive as possible and then put themselves in the window on Main Street and hope the “perfect” male browses by and takes the bait. That will never work because attractive women attract all men, not just the ones women want. Walking around in a mini-skirt and high heels at the mall will is akin to throwing some raw meat into a lion’s den.

Women have made three fatal flaws in their quest for life partners or husbands or soulmates or whatever they call it this week. The first is focusing mostly, if not purely, on the physical. Men are attracted to intelligent women. I used to fantasize about Cokie Roberts. I’ve also fantasized about Janeane Garofalo and Sarah Silverman. If you have no brains, sorry, but you are not keeping a man for very long because his mind will quickly grow tired of the continuous imprinting of your physical appearance, no matter how good it is. In other words his brain gets bored. That’s how men end up cheating on someone like Halle Berry. Seems impossible but over the long term looks don’t matter to men, only in the beginning. Men and women are always going to cheat when their needs are not being met. The only reason men used to cheat more was because this is a patriarchal sexist society that views cheating or promiscuous women as immoral sluts. Men are physically stronger so we made the rules to favor us. All that garbage comes straight from the Bible and other religious nonsense. It is simply untrue but we have all been socialized to believe it from childhood.

Second, sex with same person becomes boring after a while unless both partners make a conscious and daily effort to keep it lively with variety. If your goal is to keep a mate then you better be able to give them consistent orgasms over a lifetime. That goes for men and women but people just don’t do that. Personally I think it’s impossible. People just like to screw different people. It is estimated that 90% of the sex that happens in this country is between 80% of sexually active women and 5% of men. In other words there are very few men getting regular sex, one of the main reasons this country is so screwed up. Women are falling for players, liars, gamers, married men and the like. Sounds familiar don’t it? I can attest to this because I always tell women the truth instead of what they want to hear. The results: no sex. A recent study confirmed that the majority of women prefer to hear lies over the truth because many women can only deal with reality by constructing these mental fantasies that are supported by men telling them what they want to hear: lies.

The third issue is that Americans refuse to realize that the are caught up in the Matrix. We are unknowing victims of psychological experiments by the elite to divide and control us. The elite spend billions of dollars coming up with ways to keep us frustrated, angry, divided, depressed and even physically ill. Why? Because they would rather keep us distracted than deal with a real democracy. This filters down into all aspects of life, including and especially male-female relationships. Everything in society overemphasizes sex. Men are told to pursue it all costs. Women are told to use it as a weapon. What happens? Neither works because they aren’t designed to work. They are designed to frustrate us and lead to unstable relationships that either produce no kids or screwed up kids. They will be easy prey for the elite as they grow up and the cycle continues. This is exactly what the elite want, people focusing on their personal problems instead of societal ones. I could repeat this until I was blue in the face but it wouldn’t matter. We’re way past the point of no return. Honestly I just hope I’m dead by the time the New World Order comes for us in full force. If John McCain gets elected expect it sooner rather than later.


  1. THANK YOU – THANK YOU! Finally someone who isn’t affraid to speak the truth! It’s not that women don’t want to hear the truth or that we perfer lies… most men don’t give us the option and we are too busy emotionally investing ourselves into the relationship to demand the truth. Most women can handle much more than men give us credit for. About where you meet a man, well it all depends on your personal agenda… if you only go to the club to look for a man then there’s a problem.

  2. True. Women have been conditioned to expect lies and men have been conditioned to deliver them on queue. People are very insecure in general, just about different things. Women are insecure about their physical appearance because the media tells them it’s all they are. Men are insecure about their income and their sexuality. That’s why women are much more forgiving when it comes to infidelity. I haven’t found any women that could handle the truth yet and, frankly, I’ve stopped looking.

    As far as the club goes you can meet a “good” man anywhere but you are far more likely to meet a “bad” one no matter where you go, especially church where they prey on the weak and vulnerable.

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