The Typical American week

August 22, 2008

Most Americans have a forty hour a week job but we work longer hours because we fear the company firing us for not being excessively dedicated to them and their shareholders making profits, assuming they are publicly traded. We rise early, stuff our faces with something unhealthy and make the long haul through morning rush hour to arrive at a job most of us can’t stand. We work all day long without breaks except for a lunch that we either cut short and just eat at our desk because everyone is too busy to meet when we’re free because of all the meetings. At five or six o’clock we scatter back into the same traffic that brought us to this slow demise in the first place. Many of us head toward the bar where we can drink and smoke our troubles in oblivion for a few hours. Many of us head toward the daycare center that corrupt our children while we make money for the shareholders and upper management. If we’re late picking them up then we get charged a ridiculous fee.

When Friday night comes Americans really let loose then. There are of course people like myself that indulge themselves even during the week since we have the luxury of working from home. Most of us though breathe a sigh of relief that on Saturday we do not have to return to that dreadful place of employ for two whole days. Wow. Two whole days for five of my life. That’s not really fair is it? We take our laptops home with us so we can work even more on the weekend. We have to impress the boss by going beyond the call of duty or we’ll never get a raise or a promotion right? Americans are obsessed about individual achievement. We are never willing to bind our cause with that other working men and women. No, we have to do it all ourselves. We’ll show the world!!!

At least now that it’s the weekend we can really get high. We can smoke pot, do meth, take ecstasy and have one night stand sex. It’s fun right? This is what we worked for all week. On Sunday we awaken in a daze. Maybe there is some sports on tv or maybe we go to church to exorcise our demons. Either way, both roads lead to nowhere except Monday. Sunday is the prelude to Monday. We know what awaits us and it renders the day almost pointless. This is how most Americans have chosen to live their lives. Why do I say chosen? Because we have a choice and we consistently choose the wrong one. There is a better way of life outside the realm of corporatism. Corporations cannot run without humans so they need us more than we need them. We can sustain ourselves just fine without a paycheck once a week or twice a month that barely makes ends meet after rent or mortgage, car payment, insurance, credit cards, food and and utilities. This isn’t living. It’s death. It’s how the elite control the bulk of us and it’s why we think there is no better way to live. We haven’t yet tried.

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