Machismo vs Materialism

July 27, 2008

Women are so confused these days. They can’t decide if they should marry the stable, nice guy or just have fun with the bad boy. It’s a question of priorities really but some priorities are ingrained in us from birth. One of womens’ main priorities is regular, intense orgasms. They need them, especially when they are used to getting them. How do they get them? Not the nice, stable guy.

For all the gains made by the women’s rights movement over recent decades it still all boils down to human nature. The vast majority of women prefer the company of dominan men that they cannot control. Women claim to want to be in control but when they get it they find that their orgasms disappear. There is no getting around basic human nature. These tendencies are part of our genetic makeup going back hundreds of thousands of years. Just because the world has changed drastically since the Industrial Revolution doesn’t mean humans have. Evolution is slow.

So now women are in quite a quandary. How can they have a stable life with regular, intense orgasms. The bad boys have no stability and the good guys can’t give them orgasms. Answer: Cheating. Women are cheating slightly more than men these days and they are much better at hiding it. Women want their cake and the gardener too. Women are the main targets of advertisers because they know women’s purchases are intimately tied to their personal image and self-esteem, sadly. They exploit this to no end. Asking women to choose between money and orgasms is like asking someone if they prefer to die by being thrown off a building or drowning. There is no real choice for the modern woman and modern is bad in this context.

Women have been socialized to be consumers but they are innately orgasm lovers. Men are too but you have to remember that women are much more volatile emotionally then men. Notice I did not say more emotional because men are emotional too. Women just have mood swings that defy all reason. When this so-called recession hits hard in a few months you are going to see marriages ending and more cheating then ever. Why? If there is no money then women definitely need their regular, intense orgasms and if the nice guy doesn’t have the money, then why in the hell would a modern woman stay with him?

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