Supporting Obama = Supporting genocide

July 17, 2008

How is that black folk can rally against the genocide committed in Darfur and Rwanda and yet not for the one that is being perpetrated against the Palestinian people? Well I tell you how. There are three main reasons: 1) They are not black or African and so many blacks could care less, which is racist at its core, 2) Black folk believe Jews really are God’s chosen people and should be allowed to do whatever they want just because the Bible says so and 3) The Jewish Holocaust, which by the way didn’t come close to the scale of death inflicted on African slaves by the African Holocaust. Our holocaust continues to this very day in different ways (ie Sean Bell, underemployment, poor healthcare and education, housing, predatory lending, etc).

Black people literally fear “fucking with the Jews” like a bolt of lightning is going to rain down from heaven if we stand up to their evil government or criticize their people in any way. I am so tired of everyone that rightfully criticizes Israel being called anti-Semitic when that term doesn’t even make sense. I am anti-Israel and anti-anyone that supports the government of Israel like David Horowitz. The Israel lobby runs this government. They proved it on 9/11 when Mossad executed the most deadly terrorist attack this country has ever seen. It should be clear to any and everyone that people in general are not represented by their governments. The same is true of this country. Foreigners understand that Americans do not support most of our government’s actions but with Jewish people any criticism of Israel is supposedly hatred of all Jewish people. That is asinine and merits no further discussion. I’m sick of these bunch of goddamn crybabies.

The most hypocritical part of black support for Obama is the fact that we refuse to stand up for people that are going through the same thing our ancestors went through as slaves. Not only that but we are like boa constrictors when it comes to Obama. The more Obama squirms and tries to distance himself from us the tighter we try to hold on to him. I have never seen such a bizarre case of racial, paternalistic S&M in my life. It just goes to show how effective the media is at hiding and obfuscating the truth and how mentally and spiritually damaged most black people are from centuries of white supremacy.

So go ahead my black people and spend your vote, which may not be counted anyway, on a man that hates black fathers and degrades black culture whenever there is an opportunity to kiss whitey’s ass. In the end it probably won’t matter anyway. Black power is not white power with a black face.

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