White Women and Sexual Racism

July 7, 2008

I’m amazed at the number of white women these days that are completely obsessed with the image of the black male as a thug and a drug dealer. These women will do anything to obtain and maintain one of these so-called thugs. It doesn’t matter if they are actually a thug or not as long as they can act the part and dress the part but it does help if the guy has been to prison. It gives him the street cred he needs for his bitch to know he ain’t playin’.

The first thing I want to say is that I’ve observed this phenomenon among all types of white women: young, older, poor, middle class, rich, ugly, attractive, thin, fat. It doesn’t matter. All it takes is curiosity being piqued from overindulgence in the stereotypes on tv and in rap music. These women have no idea what a real black man is even like and neither do the men that are playing the part of black thug. They do it to get laid and they get plenty laid too. White women cannot resist that non-conformist, uncontrollabe, misogynistic attitude of a black thug. It turns them on to no end. And the best part for the thug is that white women help them get more white women by telling their friends about the sex and how bad you treat them outside of the bedroom. It is a identity crisis gone amok.

I’ve had sex with white women and there is always an element of them imagining you are someone else. It is usually some rap star or actor they are enamored with. In fact that is usually what attracts white women to black men in the first place. Since they can’t have sex with 50 Cent they find someone that is as close a match as possible. Don’t have six pack abs? Ok. No problem. They’ll settle for four pack abs. The thing is white women have no intention of having real meaningful relationships with black men. There is always an element of exploitation or codependency. Many white women come to black men because white men don’t want them because they are either overweight or simply unattractive. Black men know that these rejected women are easy and freaky. They will do things in bed black women wouldn’t dare do. These include anal, threesomes, double penetrations, a2m, swallow, etc. A few black women go the extra freaky mile but it’s the vast majority of white women. In an odds game like that what is a man supposed to do?

Black male, white female relationships are always dysfunctional. Here’s why. Both come to the relationship with preconceived notions of what the other is like. Yes the couple may have many things in common. Yes there may be a real bond but it is tinged with stereotypes and white supremacy. Only when the relationships comes under duress does the reality evince itself. It is about sex and sex alone. Don’t get me wrong. Most relationships of all races are about sex. We just pretend they are deeper and more meaningful. Take away the sex and what’s left? Usually nothing.

I don’t think any black man should be in a long term relationship with white women. White women use everyone. They use black men for orgasms and to satisfy their curiosity. We are worth much more than that. Having said that, as long as you realize this you can do as you will without affecting your mentality but I almost never see that. There are things I like about white women. The sex for one. I like the fact they like to party hard but that’s about it. They cheat all the time. They try to play you for your money. Most women do that but white women have perfected it. I don’t believe white women feel any remorse for the bad things they do. They still have that pedestal mentality of entitlement and exceptionalism. White men perpetuate the fallacy that they are special by showering them needlessly with money and things.

When it comes down to it a white woman wants two things if life and will do anything to get it: 1) A black man with a huge penis for regular orgasmic sex and 2) A man of any race to use for money. If 1) and 2) can be the same person, like professional athletes, actors or musicians, then in their eyes they have hit the jackpot. They will not give that black man up without a serious fight. So to all the black men out there sweating white women………don’t. They want us much more than we could ever want them. Just play it cool and they will come to you. Use them for sex and partying and find another one. They are not worth keeping in your life for very long. The supply of them is endless and they are disposable. When you want real love find a nonwhite female and save yourself a fortune and prison time.

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