Why women are obsessed with their appearance

June 10, 2008

Every man knows that looks are very important to men because we are more visual than women, or at least we used to be. I have a theory that women are now just as visual as men because of the media images of perfection they see on tv and in magazines everyday. Americans lead quiet lives of desperation. There is always something or someone we want. We are never happy with what we have because we always believe there is something better out there. Sure a few people finally learn their lesson but only when they’re getting older and are not seen as attractive by the opposite sex or same for gays. We take what we can get until we can get nothing else and that is tragic. Americans are missing out on a gamut of meaningful and healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex, or same for gays again, because we are too hung up on appearance. How do we stop it though? The media onslaught is continuous and advertising has reduced us to Pavlovian dogs. Obviously we have either have to stop the media onslaught or steer clear of it which is becoming almost impossible in this gilded age of technology. However we do it men must reclaim that which makes women real women and stop overemphasizing the physical because we have made women sick with our obessive behavior.


Many women spend hours a day in front of the mirror finding the perfect clothes, the perfect makeup, the perfect shoes and perfect hairstyle. They wander aimlessly at malls in search of that new item that will attract Prince Charming or boost their self-esteem. This is sickness and we have allowed it to contaminate the minds of women in this country. That’s why women are so shallow. Men made them that way. Actually white men made them that way and every other race assimilated this destructive behavior. Make no mistake this is the result of corporatism. Corporations want to drive wedges between men and women because when we live apart from each other they have just doubled their consumer base and women make 85% of all shopping decisions. Corporations don’t want men getting in the way of that so what did they do? They turned us all into objects. It used to be just women but now men are objects too and women are emulating the shallow behavior that men have demonstrated for decades. This is the result of hypercapitalism. Corporations will always exploit humanity because the corporation itself has nothing to lose. The problem is corporations require humans to run but at the same time are destroying that very humanity.


If women think that all men want is someone that is attractive then obviously they will not spend time cultivating the emotional and nurturing side of themselves that is innate to most women. There are exceptions but we are talking about the greater good which means the majority. To reverse this trend men need to stop showing women the attention they think they deserve just because they are overmade-up with a revealing outfit, fake boobs and a ridiculously dark tan. Women are killing themselves, One in ten are on anti-depressants which don’t even work but do present a host of other medical problems for many people. If shallow women stop getting attention from men then they will stop being shallow. What other choice would they have? They would have to resort to getting men by using more of their minds than their bodies. In other words guys have to control our libidos. I know when you see a woman that looks like a porn star it’s a turn-on for most men but you have to realize that she isn’t being herself. She’s being what she thinks you want her to be and that’s not going to make her happy. And when women are unhappy they sure as hell make men unhappy too.


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