Memorial Day 2008: Remembering the Carnage

May 26, 2008

Of all the US holidays none of them makes me sicker than Memorial Day. Rampant consumerism and religiosity pale in comparison to the revisionism of this day. Memorial Day is the day when the US tells the biggest lie of them all: that we are always the good guys. We honor soldiers who are actually mercenaries. Most of them fought for the money and didn’t even know who the enemy was. Of course under white supremacy the enemy is anyone that has a different color skin. Most of these men are cowards. They hide behind US technology and kill from afar. Then they come home perhaps after being injured or mutilated to find their country really didn’t give a shit about them in the first place. I applaud that. That is the most powerful lesson one can learn in life.

This country does not give a damn about anything or anyone except the rich and the elite who maintain this way of life through public policies designed to create division between the races, the genders and people of different religions. Americans are so ignorant and naive that they think the government is actually there to protect us and serve our interests as it continues to practice corporate welfare but eradicate social programs for the needy. Whites don’t realize how racism ruins their lives. They get on board at such an early age through no fault of their own but never seem to grasp how it damages yourself to try maintain advantages over others your entire life. Whether it’s at home or abroad, white people cannot overcome themselves. They are their own worst and greatest enemy. In fact white people are the only enemy of white people. The rest is a media created delusion so that whites can unify and turn their aggression outward. This is why the false flag of 9/11 still has not been exposed by the corporate controlled media. This country routinely murders its own citizens.

This is why the black monolith exists. Whites prefer to think of other races in one way and one way only. Individuating other races would cause them to see the humanity in them, something whites are largely incapable of. Oddly whites see examples of people of other races that do not fit their preconceptions and yet are still able to lump them into monoliths via cognitive dissonance. They tell themselves that this person is just not like the rest of them but in the they get lumped in with the rest despite the unresolved mental conflict.

Memorial Day should not only be about remembering the carnage and chaos the US has caused and is still causing this very minute all over the globe but should also be about those who tried to stop and died in the process. It should be about those who dared to tell the truth when they knew it would lead to death threats or actual death of them and their families. It should be about exposing this country in no uncertain terms for what it is in MLK’s own words: the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.

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