9/11: The End of White Privilege

May 24, 2008

How does an inept government like this one get away with killing over 3000 American citizens to start a war in Iraq to steal the oil. Media manipulation has a lot to do with it because the 9/11 attacks were far from flawless. Tons of evidence of a false flag attack were left behing. Only the media propaganda could have made so many Americans turn a deaf ear to the truth.

I have another theory however why so many white Americans, though they may be suspicious of the government’s foreknowledge of 9/11, can never believe that their government would kill them for oil: white supremacy. Whites know that this country was founded of them, by them and for them. That is no longer true. The so-called elite have taken over not just the country but the entire world via the central banking system and its derivatives. What got lost during the massive transfer of power and wealth is that race no longer matters when billions and trillions of dollars are at stake. The elite have no respect for human life of any race, if you believe that race means anything which I don’t.

Whites have always known, in the back of their minds, that this government would look out for them because non-whites have always been portrayed as the enemies. If and when 9/11 is revealed to be a false flag that will raze the foundation of white supremacy. Whites will be forced to recognize that wealthy whites do not care about them and that race has becoming a meaningless construct to the elite outside of exploiting it to keep all Americans divided. White life is valued over all others in every corner of this planet. 9/11 revealed will “shock and awe” whites that still believe white skin matters most above all else. Obviously to those with the most power and money it doesn’t.

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