Why Men Refuse to Marry

May 19, 2008

Women always like to say that men are afraid of commitment. The truth is that men love commitment with the right woman. Often men are afraid of not finding anyone at all or someone worse, just like women, so they settle for someone they don’t really want, hence the fear. In reality there is almost no reason for men to get married anymore. The state and the federal government have so intruded into personal relationships that marriage has been made completely detrimental for men. Whether it’s alimony, child support, infrequent visitation, unfair domestic violence laws or what it’s a bad deal for men period. Here are just some of the reasons men should stay away from the altar:

1) Whenever there’s a domestic dispute police almost always believe the woman over the man. That means he’s going to jail and that will be on his record for life for all unlikely employers to see. She’s just ruined your ability to make a decent livelihood in one foul swoop.

2) Women get half or more of your assets during a split. We’ve all heard about this one and it’s still true. Unless you work out something more equitable between yourselves a court is going to award half or more of your assets to your soon to be ex-wife. Nice huh? It’s like what Chris Rock said: “When you leave a steak restaurant, they don’t owe you a steak!” I don’t care what women are accustomed to. That isn’t a law and it doesn’t make sense. Black women today make more money than black men thanks to the focus on black men as the boogeyman of everything wrong with society. Black women play right into white people’s hands too when they jump on board the black man boogeyman bandwagon and they do. They’re doing it right now all over this country.

3) Alimony. You thought getting half of your stuff was bad? Now she gets part of your paycheck for the rest of your life unless you had a lump sum to pay out and how many of us has that? Of course she spends this on herself instead of the kids 99.9% of time. You’re lucky if you didn’t have kids because the kids are the weapons of the state and the federal government against men and women use them too.

4) Child support. This is separate from alimony remember? More money out of your check every payday. Most men take care of their kids anyway so why does the state have to get involved in this? The ones who don’t pay are still not going to pay so if you lock them up how does that help? You cannot garnish wages from a man with no job and we all know losers are women’s favorite pet projects.

5) Lack of sex. It is common knowledge that married men rarely get sex once they have been married a few years. This the primary reason get married and women say that we are not fulfilling their emotional needs for intimacy. Well excuse us for working three jobs to pay for everything while saving a little for the kids’ college and still managing to maintain the yard and attend all your stupid social gatherings with all your friends that we hate are. It boils down to this. Women these days are selfish. They don’t know how to be women. They don’t know how to be mothers and they don’t know how to be wives. They cannot cook. They cannot clean. Their sex is self-centered and boring. All they want to do is spend our money at the mall.

6) Cheating. Desperate Housewives is not just a tv show. Married women cheat just as much or more than men. I’m not saying that men should cheat or that men haven’t cheated more in the past. I’m just saying this obviously doesn’t help. Cheating is more of a violation to men because we are more tied to the physical than women are. If you want to cheat it’s pretty simple. Get a divorce first so it’s not cheating!!!

7) Shopping Addiction. Women spend money like it’s going to run out tomorrow (and it might!). Women make 85% of the consumer purchases in this country. Yes that’s a true statistic. That means while you’re at work and she’s home doing nothing except screwing the gardener from Spain, you can expect to pay for everything that she’s using to make herself attractive to other men. Women are not only shoppaholics, they are addicted to celebrityhood. They all want to be popular so everyone knows who they are even though they haven’t done anything of note in their lives. It’s the Paris Hilton syndrome. They want to be famous for the sake of fame. Of course Paris is famous for being a slut but at least she gets to sleep around at her dad’s hotels for free.

8) Emasculation. Women love to make men feel like they are not men. They get joy out of it. They know that the law is on their side and if you touch them you’re going to jail for a year and will probably lose your job and have a hard time finding another. It’s fine if they touch you though since they are the physically weaker sex. They can damn near kill you and you get a bandaid and sent out of your own home. Guess who’s she going to call as soon as you’re out of sight and the cops have left. Women are so hooked on consumerism that they will actually tell you that you are less than a man because you cannot buy them more stuff. Huh? What does one have to do with the other? American women do not know what a real man is and they never will.

9) Bad boy syndrome. Women are hooked on men that are bad for men. They say they aren’t because that’s what they’re supposed to say but this is really the only men that want to fuck: the ones they cannot control, the ones that completely disrespect them and threaten them, the ones that tell them who their friends can and cannot be. Once they get around to figuring out that they cannot change this guy into the domesticated loser that they can drain the life out of they turn to the nice guy after it’s too late. Women love the nice guy once they’ve been used up and had twelve kids with the bad guy who doesn’t pay child support. Who wants to inherit someone else’s kids. Not me and I think I speak for most men on that. Women will even work several jobs to support the bad boy and his drug habit. They bring it home and he spends it after of course screwing some stripper while she was at work stripping.

10) Bisexual and bicurious. This is really part of the emasculation. Women like to pretend to be gay these days. It’s chic. They claim that women satisfy the emotional needs better than men. Well maybe if women would satisfy any needs at all of men they might get something in return. Women are being played for fools by this society and they are falling for it hook, line and sinker. They are being told to be as much like men as possible and men are becoming more and more like women. That will lead to lower and lower birthrates and higher and higher spending for corporate profits since people are living alone making individual consumer choices. This is not accident but when I mention this to women they basically say they don’t care and that they’re going to the mall.

11) Lack of domestic skills. Women can’t do anything around the house anymore. It’s not that women should do all the housework but they sure as hell should do some. Women these days are pigs and just downright nasty many times. Many of them can’t boil water or even use a vacuum. Have you seen the inside of their cars? if they have one that is. They’re always filthy. Clothes are always all over the floor. Hair is always in the bathroom sink and tub. Dishes are piled up in the kitchen sink. If men work all day and you are a stay at home mom then they call you a housewife for a reason.

12) Constant complaining. Women are never happy. They watch so much tv that they can never decide what they really want. They have so many choices that there is no way they will ever make the right one. This is a product of consumerism. One in ten women is on anti-depressants which serves them right after all the depression they cause other people. This world is designed to keep people buying false happiness. Women are a true testament to the fact that it is indeed false.

13) Child visitation. Even if the man has no money why should he not be entitled to see his kids every week? It’s his sperm for crying out loud. An egg is useless without it. If men carried the child to term would men use that reason to keep women out of the child’s life? I doubt it. This is uniquely a female thing. Women are unable to control their hormones these days and it’s no wonder with all the shit that we put into food. What happens every single time is that not having the father around ruins the child’s development and they grow up being a bigger asshole to someone else than the mother or father ever were to each other. Nice job parents.

I could go on but what would be the point? Men get married for sex. Women get married for money. Sounds like guys just need a prostitute and women need a John or a sugar daddy.


  1. You are absolutely right. Thanks for the blog. More men need to read this because it is the truth. Men and Women are in different places emotionally now more so than ever. I have seen time and time again, women are addicted to a sense of bipolarism that is inherited from the over demand of watching tv, unrealistically mind you, and expressing the same interests in the figures on the tube. They are not real but they create the sense of realism that women want. When they do not get it … they are gone. Men stand up and be the aXXholes that women want … then do what you have to do. Or, maybe not entirely true, settle with someone from a different culture. Some women from different cultures if they have not been “americanized” have good ideas about relationships. Note, this isn’t always the case but you are statisically better off. Or choose to live a fruitful and ambitious single life. I am choosing the later!!! … good luck to you all!!!

  2. Yeah, he hits the nail right on the head. I have a friend who was divorced and 76% of his income goes to his ex wife. American women are not caring or sensitive at all. The Divorce rate in United States is higher than any other country. The ONLY women a man should think about marrying is a girl who puts family first. And the only places to find a woman like that is in foreign countries. Marry a latina or a women from Eastern Europe. Think about it, no one wants an american wommen. Men from other countries are not lining up or banging down doors to marry an American woman. But american men are trying to marry foreign women. Why? Think about it fellas. And ladies you need to get your acts together. Men are refusing to marry. I guess now you will be able to have all the gay relationships you like with other american women. American men do not want you. I have a chinese wife. 10 years married, no big agruements, she doesnt complain, cooks and cleans, and i have great sex every night. She is level headed and a great mom. Bye Bye American women.. i have only one word to describe american women, “YUCK”

  3. Good lord. Where the hell are you men meeting these types of american women? There are a lot of american women who keep clean homes, love their spouses and take very good care of their children. America is getting harder to live in with just 1 income forcing women into the workplace to help make ends meet. If your looking for women to work outside the home, keep the house clean all by themselves, kiss your feet and keep up with children you’ll never find it. Most foreign women and the “latina” women you speak of are not working outside the home. So unless you’ve making good money and can actually AFFORD a family you should be greatful of a women who at least gets half of everything you require done. I have MANY latina and chicana friends that are married and let me tell you they spend money like no other. They spend more money on clothes, hair and makeup and frilly little dresses for their daughters, who also get “made up” daily. They cheat like other women and no ONE can yell and get under a mans skin like a latina. So come back to the real world and realize that there are good and not so good wives in all countries and societies. If your picking up lil young cuties at the club what do you expect?

  4. Men should refuse to marry.
    They should also try to develop alternate lifestyle without marriage.

  5. Lol, this was a great read. I have often wondered what the world would turn into with all these rights and freedoms granted to the women of this country. A while back i was talking to a friend of mine about how our society is becoming dangerous and almost uninhabitable for men in our generation. The effect of this freedom affects men in several ways: not only during marriage but also after men hit puberty. The effect of pornographic images, especially those purchased in the UK in such news papers such as the “SUN” to young boys is an important factor affecting GCSE grades. This is why i applaud some religious cultures that allow women to cover themselves.

    I too find that marriage in this country is dangerous and may lead to a man’s early death should he chose to stay for his family. Its sort of shameful really that women in this society can’t get their act together. Lol, its like they are so quick to draw the divorce card and during marriage disputes you can see how that can be used to control a man. In fact, some cases even lead to sexual deprivation both of which costs the man dearly. So my advice is to stay away from American women. Marry yourself a woman, from any culture, that puts family first and accepts a man’s authority.

  6. Where is woman supremacy going? Down a rabbit hole as deep as a South African mine. More specifically, take a look in the black culture where woman supremacy has been in operation for decades. I work in a 90 percent black majority workplace with woman supervisors. It’s not pretty, to say the least.

    What we need is VR video games of porn that no woman – of any paint job – can compete with.

  7. our gov’t has empowered them……instead of being women they are takin kickboxing lessons to show us how tough they are.i wish an asteroid would hit this planet and put us out of our misery.when I look at american women I actually feel they are freakin retarded,and get skeezier by the day

    • Brother man I could not agree more. The problem is that as men we do not understand the true nature of women. We walk around thinking that we have to prove ourselves to women to get them into bed. Of course we usually don’t want them after that because they have the personality of worms from watching TV and talking to their stupid friends who watch even more TV.

      I’ll be blunt. Women are electrons and men are protons. Just like the electron wanders around the nucleus so do women wander everywhere. They need a man to ground them. We chase them needlessly when in fact they cannot wander far from the nucleus which contains the male proton and the father neutron. I know it sounds weird but consider it. Women always want to be in motion. They want to travel, shop, dance, etc. Men are always trying to slow them down so we can bond with them and feel complete without any charge like the neutron.

      Things are not as they seem. Our five senses lie to us. We are all energy under the manipulation of Luciferians who stole the secrets of Solomon. This week there will no doubt be another false flag attack but don’t bring it up to women. They just wanna have fun just like an electron. Adam is not Adam. Adam is Atom.

  8. Damn straight,real men fear nothing,I am not afraid of a relationship with a woman,the chances of me getting literally robbed or burglarized by an american woman are outrageous and I literally have a better chance of surviving a three story fall than marrying a woman who wouldnt divorce me.
    American womans entitlement attitudes are disgusting,you either encounter model types with terrible attitudes,or the ever more common three hundred pounder with an attitude,both have lost their maternal instincts.

  9. woah!!Great read.Tell it straight up-

    Real men are afraid of relationships or marriage,terrified is more like it and for good reason.You should be.

    I have seen almost every marriage I have ever known,the woman leave,bankrupt the man,keep the children from them,make the children hate the father,use false abuse allegations to sway a custody battle etc..etc..etc..alimony,child support.

    I refuse to even date a woman or ever spend a dime on a woman ever again,I am serious.Not one more damn dime ever.

    I think woman in the Usa are starting to see the fruits of their behavior,and men are just refusing to be around them,I personally just cant stand most woman,

    obesity,attitude,entitlement,materialism,catty,fical,shallowness,no domestic skills

    Not all woman are bad,but the chances of a woman bankrupting me through no fault divorce,is higher than my chances of ever finding a good woman.,so we as men are better off alone.

    Go foreign or go home,foreign woman are bad too in cases,BUT,a lesser chance of evil.

  10. Truly, men especially myself want to find a woman who is natural, valuable, and so. We are not going to just be with any woman because she is pretty and nice. She must has something special about her. Otherwise, we are going to move on with someone else.

    Some women are the same way too.

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