Malcolm X’s Birthday

May 19, 2008

Today is Malcolm X’s birthday. I almost forgot but got a reminder from root.com. He is still my favorite civil rights activist and truth-teller. He’s right up there with Frederick Douglass. Whites of course hate Malcolm X because he was not against using violence to obtain justice and equality, unlike the pacifist MLK who preferred to turn the other cheek until whites grew tired of slapping him. You will not hear very much in the mainstream media about Malcolm X today or ever, except perhaps how the FBI divided him from the Nation of Islam and eventually had him assassinated. JFK and MLK weren’t the only ones. This government routinely kills people that try to teach us how to live and love each other as equals. They don’t want that because unity of the people becomes the demise of the rich.

Whites and Uncle Tom’s like to tell the story of how Malcolm changed after his pilgrimage to Mecca. They paint him as another MLK of cheek-turning humility in the face of white terrorism against blacks. That is simple untrue. While his pilgrimage did change his views on some things it did not alter his view that black people must do whatever is necessary, included violence, to free themselves from the bondage of white supremacy. Anything else is a lie designed to minimize his legacy and conflate it with the likes of peacemongerers like MLK who used white guilt and US international embarrassment to further their ends. I would much rather die fighting for equality than have whites serve up their twisted version of it and then tell me I should be grateful for being rescued from Africa. As long as Malcolm’s memory lives on so does the struggle. This is what Rev. Wright taught and this is what frightens whites all over the world.

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