The Tragedy of the Wright-Obama affair

April 30, 2008

When I think about the whole Wright-Obama affair it makes me sad. Why? Because these were two lifelong special friends before the media and white supremacy ruined their relationship. This is what happens in America though when you have entangling alliances. Obama feels the pressure to not complain about racism because whites are tired of hearing black people complain about things they don’t consider their fault or problem. Rev. Wright has a duty as a devout Christian to tell the truth like it is without sugar-coating. I think we can safely say that true religion and politics are incompatible.

I hate to see good friends become estranged. I recently became estranged from a guy that I thought was a lifelong best friend. Apparently he had become jealous of my income for some reason and was hiding it from me. Hatin’ is so common in the black community. We fight with each other over the scraps the white power structure allow us to have. I don’t mind telling anyone. I make 88k/yr which isn’t bad for a single guy with no kids but it’s nothing to be jealous over. This person who shall remain nameless said that I was basically a sellout for cutting off my dreads just to fit into the corporate workplace. I did cut my hair off to find a job during the last recession. It was either that or starve to death and I didn’t see my ex-friend rolling out the red carpet for me at his place, not that I would have accepted such an invitation anyway. The world is not perfect and I have to survive. I hate serving the corporate empire but we all serve it in one way or another. Calling me a “house nigger” is not the way to fix the problem and I found that insult unforgivable in the context of other recent comments. We had been friends for 26 years and apparently it was about 25 too long.

This is why the whole Wright-Obama affair saddens me. I hate to see black people divided by the effects of white culture on us but none of us are immune to it. Division in the black community is exactly what most whites desire because it allows them to turn us against each other. Black unity is their enemy. Black unity scares them. This is why they hate Rev. Wright. Wright represents the black church and the black church represents, although wrongfully, all blacks  in the minds of whites. Rejection of Wright is rejection of all black people. It just makes me angry to see these white reporters almost begging Obama to say mean-spirited things about Wright just to assuage their fears that Obama is a black militant or liberation theologist. Goddamn America!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am sorry you lost your best friend. It is sad to see relationships end. I am not an Obama fan, but he is in an impossible position via Wright if he wants to win the election. Perhaps it is not an irreparable breach. I stopped speaking to my best friend and she to me for reasons I never understood. The calls just stopped. Five years went by and I thought, this is stupid. I feel like someone died and yet she didn’t. So I wrote a letter. She wrote back. We talked. We aren’t as close as we once were, but whatever broke us up was over. I think two Christian men should be able to resolve their differences, even though it may have to wait until this presidential race is over.

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