Christianity still enslaves black people

April 25, 2008

It’s hard to talk about real Christians because Christianity is a manmade religion. God, if one exists, does not talk to man. That would assume that God is like us. Why would God be like us when evolution has been going on for millions of years and humans are just step in the process. Wouldn’t God be what happened at the beginning of evolution or at the end? Either way God would not be represented by an intermediate step. Christianity is a lie, plain and simple. Having said that it does contain some admirable principles that many Christians actually do atttempt to live by. These are real Christians and there are not that many of them. How could there be though? The Bible is full of conflicts and inconsistencies in its dogma. Even with all the work that was done by Constantine and others over the centuries to make it believable they still failed and had to rely on fear of hell and eternal damnation to keep their phony religion, (all religion is phony), alive and even spread.


The United States is one of the most Christian nations in the world. What does that mean? This nation was founded in genocide and slavery but the Founding Fathers decreed “All men are created equal”. Guess that means native Americans and blacks were not men then huh? Christianity is nothing but a smoke screen for white nationalism and white male patriarchy. Women couldn’t vote for centuries. Blacks couldn’t eat in the same restaurants for centuries and today whites have the nerve to say that racism has ended. Racism will never end because it is built into American society in ways that resist annihilation due to mass yet tacit white support of them. White Nationalist Christians do not believe in a God outside of themselves. In fact their version of Christianity is nothing but a societal hierarchy of rankism based on skin color. It is the projection of their insecurities and inferiority complex onto nonwhites in order to create a false sense of superiority through forced oppression of others through overt and covert means.


Many say I should not brand Christianity as bad because of its bad apples. I would say to them that anything created for evil like Christianity cannot be reconstructed or rewritten to be something circumspect. Just because Christianity has some good ideals in it, (what religion doesn’t?), doesn’t underlie the fact that it was created to enslave others mentally and physically by getting us to turn the other cheek while they commit atrocity after atrocity. MLK’s philosophy of nonviolence meant to shame whites into giving blacks equal rights may have improved the living conditions of blacks today but it did nothing to rid the whites of racism.


Black people today still believe Jesus is coming to save them. We still believe we are going to hell if we don’t repent of our sins. We still believe we are born in sin and that good will triumph in the end. Good will only triumph through its concerted and focused effort to defeat evil and yet evil can never be completely extinguished because evil is part of all of us. Christianity must be eradicated from the black community and a new form of spirituality crafted. We cannot elevate our condition by practicing the same religion that was used to enslave our ancestors, no matter how we interpret it. Those in power use religion to keep their power. How can a people free themselves by practicing the same ideology that was itself created to keep themselves in their docile, “waiting on Jesus” state of mind? It cannot be done.

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  1. WOW! This was a seriously powerful mouthful. I agree wholeheartedly with the things you are saying. We need to wake up and realize that our beliefs were stripped from us.

    Thanks for a great post.

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