Racism of American currency

April 13, 2008

Black people are constantly bombarded with not only negative or missing images of white supremacy and power but also with positive images of whiteness in subtle and no-so-subtle ways. One of these is Americans currency. Every coin and dollar, except the Sacagawea and Susan B. Anthony dollar coins, have a dead, white slave-owning president on the front. American currency even has an all-seeing eye and pyramid on the back which are clearly Egyptian historically and have nothing to do with European imperialism. This is wrong and subtly tells black people that we have had no impact on history. Black people need currency that reflects our own heroes and not these white nationalistic, genocidal, murderous, warmongering interlopers admired by many brainwashed Americans. The Botswana pula is a good example. Take a look.


I propose the following for black leaders on our own currency. I’ve purposefully omitted pennies and two dollar bills because they are unnecessary.

penny Lincoln => N/A
nickel Jefferson => Nat Turner
dime Roosevelt => Fannie Lou Hamer
quarter Washington => Paul Robeson
half dollar JFK => Booker T. Washington
one dollar Washington = > Martin Luther King Jr.
two dollar => N/A
five dollar Lincoln => Malcolm X
ten dollar Hamilton => Fredrick Douglass
twenty dollar Jackson => Marcus Garvey
fifty dollar Grant => Bobby Seale
hundred dollar Franklin => Harriet Tubman

Thurgood Marshall, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Emmitt Till and Medgar Evers are also excellent choices as are many others. Having said that, counterfeiting is obviously a federal crime and this is not an endorsement of such but once blacks obtain land reparations for our continuing oppression we would be free to print our own currency. Consequently we could establish our own trade agreements with other nations and control our own means of production and distribution, dismantling global white supremacy in the process.


  1. You want blacks to be free to print currency, set up trade agreements and control the means of production and distribution? You have your choice of several countries in Africa and a few in the West Indies where blacks do all that. Which one would you rather live in than America?

  2. Why are whites always suggesting that blacks return to Africa, like we are from there? Our ancestors that were kidnapped and sold are from there. We were born right here in America. This is our home and we are not going anywhere…….ever. If anyone should be going home it should be whites for the crimes your ancestors committed and for which you still enjoy undeserved privilege all over the world. This land really belongs to native Americans and Mexicans. It also belongs to the black people that labored, bled, sweat and died for free to make it what it is today even though that land was stolen through genocide.

    This country’s days are numbered. Wherever whites are in charge is doomed. All whites know is the pursuit of material gain through capitalism and imperialism and then using those gains to set up racial and social hierarchies that satisfy their bloated egos. White culture is about rankism and dispossession of the different. Your insecurities are genetic and inherent. It is not something you can change. Whites can never see the error of their own ways collectively and still insist they did blacks a favor by enslaving us, killing us, lynching us and the like.

    America is doomed and I will celebrate the coming day when global white supremacy collapses under the weight of its own footprint, doomed from the very beginning by a race of people with no spirituality and no connection to the universe outside of science.

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