Ignorants: Those who do not know and refuse to admit it

March 11, 2008

I’m suggesting a new use of the word ignorant when dealing with the issue of belief or religion. Normally ignorant is just an adjective but I propose its use as a noun. Every human being on this planet is ignorant about something whether its brain surgery or ice sculpting or what have you. We are ALL ignorant of the afterlife. Everything that religious people believe has been doctored to give those in power control over their subjects. Conversely nonbelievers cannot say with complete assurance that there is no God. That is an equally ridiculous assertion to make with certainty.

Are belief and non-belief equally wrong? No, belief is more wrong because it purports having knowledge of things that it cannot possibly. Nonbelief typically relies on science and reason and is therefore no where near the leap that believers claim to make. It does not not require a leap to say that there is probably no god but it does take a leap to say there is no god without qualification. It is unknowable. It is also duplicitous of nonbelievers that say religion has caused more death and destruction than any other aspect of human tradition. That is probably accurate but so has science. What about the atom bomb and the airplane and gunpowder? Are weapons not instruments of science that contributed to the fighting of those very religious wars themselves? We are all to blame.

Let us freely admit to ourselves that we are ignorants, the noun form. We cannot divine through spiritual experiences what will happen after death. Personally I lean toward nothing. If nothing happens to ants, cows, birds and pigs then why would anything happen to me just because I have a larger, more efficient brain? The very suggestion is unscientific at best and insane at worst. We are nothing to the universe except a species of beings fortunate enough to have a small aperture in time to exist before the universe, through its various unemotional means, proceeds with its normal activity and kills us all. If humans don’t kill themselves first then surely the sun will expand and engulf the planet. If we escape that then surely the universe will eventually collapse upon itself again as it has done many times before it explodes into life again. This is the cycle of our existence. Live with it and die with it. We have no other choice.


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