Brownwashing Race: Racism against Afro-Latinos

March 4, 2008

Many people fail to understand how Hillary Clinton has garnered the support of the Latino community or at least why more of them are not supporting Barack Obama. Many Hispanics say that Clinton carries name recognition because of her stint as first lady. I say that is probably true to an extent but it masks the real question of whether Latino support for Obama is low because he is half-African and all black in the land of the one-drop rule that still applies today. Afro-Latinos in Mexico suffer much more overt and covert racism than blacks in the United States. I believe that many Mexicans and lighter-skinned Latinos are in fact projecting the racism they learned in their native land onto Obama and other blacks when they arrive here. I don’t even think many of them doing it are aware of it but it is real nonetheless.

Spanish-speaking countries, and all countries for that matter, are racist primarily against those with the darkest skin. You never see the darker-skinned Hispanics on Univision. They are all almost “passable”. I asked a Latina friend of mine at work about this and she said it’s because “They look better”. Of course she pretended to be kidding but as a lighter-skinned Mexican herself she realizes that with lighter skin comes less racism and more privilege but never true “whiteness”. I guess that’s enough for some as long as they’re doing better than the Joneses.

I’ve also heard that many Mexicans, much like Africans, think that black people complain too much about slavery. According to them we should just get over and just let white people keep ruling and destroying the planet for themselves. How can you tell a group of people to forget about slavery when its evil legacy is part of your daily life when you know nothing about it and, furthermore, when the blacks in your own country are even worse off than black Americans? Being overworked while becoming a tool of hypercapitalism to further the agenda of the elite apparently is not a tough sell to recent Mexican immigrants seeking Big Macs, cigarettes, beer and construction jobs. We should not turn against those seeking a better way of life but we must expose them for the cowards and opportunists that they are. White supremacy was designed to turn nonwhites against each other in competition for the scarce resources afforded those with the wrong skin color and it is doing just that.

The struggle for black liberation begins and ends in the mind. Without the mind there is not struggle. Everything else is a by-product of our common dialectic in that this system must be overturned. Skin color is meaningless in reality and yet we live and die each day under this altered reality passing it on to future generations as homily. I am not willing to wait for the races to blend to rid the world of white supremacy. Power concedes nothing without a demand. One homogenized race will not eradicate white supremacy. It may alter its form and structure but something else, possibly more insidious, would replace it anyway. Waiting on anything is a fool’s game as the elite will always formulate new methods of dividing the masses to maintain their dominion over the planet.

Basically what I’m saying is that if Mexicans Americans are not with us they you are against us and that makes you the enemy. Get your mind right.

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