Tactical Voting – Why I’m Supporting John McCain

February 29, 2008

You’re probably thinking “What!?!?!” right now. Yes. You heard it right. I’m supporting John McCain, the racist, war-mongering, flip-flopping Vietnam war veteran that drafted and eventually passed meaningless campaign finance reform. Make no mistake, I loathe John McCain. I loathe Republicans, neocons and conservatives but until Democrats stop practicing least-worst voting whereby we throw our full support behind corporate candidates that will not and cannot bring change to this country, I would prefer Republicans be in charge and continue the rapid slide into oblivion that we are currently experiencing. This will accelerate the suffering of the people, an unfortunate side-effect, but also is more likely to awaken more people to the fact that they are tacitly approving of their own fleecing by voting for candidates like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. It will also give people less to lose, possibly producing enough angst to cause people to get off their duffs and do something besides casting a meaningless vote every four years.

My vote is purely symbolic and tactical of course. I actually supported Kucinich but since he’s out I now support Nader or whoever the Greens nominate but just because I support their policies doesn’t mean they will get my vote because I want real change and sometimes real change means embracing your enemies. What liberals, quasi-progressives and Democrats don’t understand is that, yes, the Democrats in some ways are a better deal than the Republicans but in some ways they are also worse. The Democrats are much better at presenting a palatable veneer to their corruption than the Republicans, and certainly the neocons, but ultimately their goal is the same: perpetual war for the military industrial complex and spreading our current unsustainable way of life to every corner and pocket of this one and only inhabitable planet of ours. Both parties are out to destroy the human species and I don’t want that to happen. No human should.

Vote McCain in 2008!!!! Accelerate the downfall of the empire and the awakening of the comatose, brainwashed American public. It may actually save the human race.

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