Valentine’s Day: Corporate Prostitution

February 11, 2008

The world’s oldest profession makes it yearly corporate appearance this Thursday. Valentine’s Day has become as commercial as the rest of our corporate holidays. Kids these days don’t even know the history behind any of US holidays. There is something creepy though about how Valentine’s Day is pimped to society. The commercials show women in all their orgasmic glee receiving diamonds and gold from a guy expecting a sexual payback. Candy and flowers isn’t even acceptable anymore. Guys are being told to buy things they have to finance, even husbands who are probably already still paying off a ring from their engagement and subsequent marriage.

When people ask me what’s wrong with America I tell them corporations. They take all the meaning out of everything in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Sex is sold. Women are sold. Love is sold. Our very souls are sold. Whatever else is wrong with this nation, and there is plenty, this is the symptomatic of it all. And women don’t help my getting all depressed and pouting when you don’t get anything other than an “I love you”. I can remember in my lifetime when that was enough. Those days are over, probably never to return before the next Ice Age. Damn that’s cold.

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