The Meaninglessness of Slavery Apologies

February 10, 2008

Apologizing for things is such an American phenomenon. Every time someone says something racist or sexist or otherwise vile on tv or radio the Sharptons and Jacksons of our day immediately come to the rescue. Usually it’s their own rescue. Think about it. Why do people say vile things? Answer: Because they had the thought and for a second thought they could get away with being more honest than is allowed on tv or radio. My point is that people say exactly what they mean when they offend people so any subsequent apology is meaningless. What people are sorry about is not what they said or how it affected the victim but how if affected them. No one wants to be viewed as a racist or sexist because that hits you in the pocket. I like what Malcolm X said on the topic. He preferred a overt racist to a white liberal, which he considered wolves in sheep’s clothing. He’s right. If you want to call me a “nigger” then call me a “nigger”. Of course you are going to take an ass-whoopin’ right after if slips from your tongue but political correctness has made this country a bunch of angry, suppressed cowards.

The first amendment has been eviscerated for all practical purposes because there are rules for speech on the public airwaves. That is the main avenue of communication and it’s censored beyond belief in this country. What does this all have to do with whites apologizing for slavery? Whites are not sorry about slavery. I don’t want them to be. What I want is for them to acknowledge that they are still benefiting from centuries of unequal treatment and continuing to widen the gap at non-whites’ expense. Whites know it’s true. They just don’t care. Instead of helping others catch up socioeconomically, whites prefer to maintain their relative advantage at the expense of the entire common good afforded by equality for all. Whites are really shooting themselves and everyone else in the foot but the impact of racism on white people in rarely discussed in this country or anywhere else.

If whites are not sorry for slavery then why apologize? Because they believe it absolves them of financial reparations. Plain and simple. They think if they talk the talk they don’t have to walk the walk. They’re probably right but empty apologies only add fuel to the reparations fire. It would be better if whites did absolutely nothing than add another atrocity to the legacy of slavery with empty rhetoric. Black people just have to work harder than whites to get ahead. It’s that simple. We are at a severe disadvantage and it’s not going to change with a violent revolution of some sort. I know it sucks.

What really burns me though is that apologies are supposed to demonstrate a change in mindset and behavior. After whites apologize for slavery they continue their oppression and subjugation of blacks just as they did before? It’s like shooting someone, apologizing for it and then shooting them again. Whites apparently do not understand what an apology means. It does not give license to continued mistreatment. There is supposed to be a genuine change of heart. This is a whole other issue with most white people. I honestly do not believe they can change. I honestly do not believe they are capable collectively of empathy. I think the entire western world is based on competition, accumulation of assets and backstabbing. The “white way”, as I refer to it, is what is tearing the fabric of society, and what are normally emotive human beings, apart.

It is up to other races to instruct whites on the real meaning of life. The only problem is since whites think they are always right via white supremacy, they will scarcely listen to the opinings of anyone with darker skin. It’s a conundrum and one that has not even been addressed in the public sphere. What is driving white people to this behavior? Obviously there is a evolutionary aspect to this that has not been addressed sufficiently. Bobby Wright called it a psychopathic racial personality. Blacks are blamed for always bringing up race but in reality it is whites that cannot put it aside. It is a problem with currently no solution and our time is running out.

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