Why Creationism cannot include Evolution

February 2, 2008

People that are tired of having the argument of creationism or intelligent design versus evolution keep repeating their mantra. Why can the two not coexist? Why couldn’t God have created the universe and then set it into motion using evolution?

First of all why do that? Did God not know what was going to happen? Did he have some other things to do wanted to do and needed a few hundred million years to get them done before we get here? Evolution is a nonstop process. Religious people pretend that humanity is the end of it. It continues even as we speak. Why would God want its own creation to be in continuous metamorphosis?

The most powerful argument against dual creationism-evolution is Christianity itself. The Bible says God created everything in six days. It makes no mention of evolution. If everything already existed then why are new things being created through evolution? The answer is clear. Everything cannot possibly in an instant and at the same time because the world isn’t big enough for it. The Bible was written by people with no scientific knowledge whatsoever and it is demonstrated perfectly in every book of the Bible.

Evolutionary inclusionists will say that God created everything, including evolution, that was necessary to produce anything. That of course includes humans and the wide variety of life we find currently on the planet. Bullshit. Making this stuff up as you go is not permitted. If God wanted us to know his plan for mankind it would not have been so nebulous in its explanation or it would have provided an updated version of the Bible to humans today. God hasn’t updated his word in thousands of years. Why?

Christians will say it’s because of faith. God wants us to trust it no matter what and we shouldn’t questions it plan or its mysterious ways. Once again: Bullshit. If God gave us brains then why are we not supposed to use them? If God created evolution then the brain is a product of that. That would mean God is not perfect, another gotcha for the Christians. Christians will always fall back on their faith because it is all they have. Their arguments are completely debunked and disproven. If there is a God, which I doubt, it obviously doesn’t give a shit what we do and it sure as hell is not described by the feeble attempts on man-made religion.

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