Depopulation 101 – Killing us softly

January 31, 2008

Americans are gullible, naive creatures. We live in such an insulated world. We are goslings in both senses of the word. There is without a doubt a massive and coordinated effort to depopulate this planet. Currently there are about 6.6 billion of us but most research shows that at current growth and consumption rates, the planet will be depleted of resources before we ever figure out how to find and travel to another inhabitable planet. Everything dies eventually but the elite don’t share my realistic viewpoint. They believe they can stave off human extinction indefinitely.

The elite are a bunch of morons. They consider themselves to be another species, superior to our own. They don’t care about race or gender or any of the things they use to divide and conquer mankind. They care about control. They care about expansion of their utilitarian ideals. In other words they don’t think they just know what’s best for mankind. They think they know what’s best for the universe. Some actually believe they are in a bargain with aliens to save the Earth a la “The X-Files”. Supposedly we are being primed for an attack via covert infiltration. It may have already begun in their minds. Believing that aliens have contacted Earth is like believing in religion. Until I have a reason to do it I’m not. We are a grain of sand in a desert and no superior civilization would give a rat’s ass about an inferior one. What would they want from us? our advanced can openers?

This brings us to the problem. We are all trapped if you will on this planet, including the elite but they want off. You think NASA was created to find cures for diseases. Nope. It was created so these over-consumptive assholes can find another planet to live on when there’s nothing left, leaving the bulk of humanity behind regardless of race. There are two ways of tackling this scarcity of resources: conservation in its various incantations (recycling, limiting CO2 emission, etc.) and depopulation. Obviously the elite prefer the second because the first costs them too much money. They are actually making money from depopulation.

Think about it. Most of our food has carcinogenic chemicals in it. Most of the US still drinks fluorinated water, even though there is plenty of it in our diets already. The air is polluted in most major cities. We smoke. We drink. We take these prescriptions that Big Pharma cranks outs like Hollywood movies for corporations and elite that are known to be unsafe. The negative studies are suppressed and we think they are all safe for everyone. We are constantly on our cell phones and who knows what, if anything, that does to our brains. We are engulfed by radio waves all day everyday unless you live in Backwaterville USA.

This is nothing less than systemic, Malthusian depopulation. There is no telling how long humans would live without all this external poison to our systems. Of course we are told it is the price of technological progress, acceptable casualties. Globalism will spread this technology and subsequent death to every corner of the globe. Until now we’ve just been using good ‘ole preemptive warfare to kill millions upon millions of foreigners. We even support governments that slaughter their own people. We are currently depopulating Iraq. We realized that we couldn’t do that in China and India so we basically decided to kill them the western way using technology. It’s working too.

Sometimes the truth is right in front of our American Idolized eyes and Americans can’t see it. The elite are killing while we watch…..hell while we participate. It’s like a mass assisted suicide. They are a global group of Jack Kevorkians. Will we wake up time to stop or at least slow their progress? Only time will tell but for now they will continue killing us softly in the US.

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