There is no black America

January 24, 2008

When I first heard Barack Obama utter these words at the 2000 Democratic national convention during his famous speech I was immediately offended. There is no black America? Who were those people that drowned from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina? Who are a third of the people incarcerated in prison facilities? Who are the people with the shortest life expectancy, worst healthcare, worst education, lowest paying jobs, etc? I could’ve sworn that was black America.

White people are always wanting to join hands and sing Kum Bah Yah while the real issues that affect black people go unaddressed. Why would whites want to ignore the plight of the black race? Three reasons: 1) Whites like to feel that black people like them even though we really don’t have any reason to, 2) Whites need blacks here to look down upon so it makes them feel better about themselves and 3) Whites know it will cost a fortune to repair the damages done to black people and they don’t want it coming out of their pockets.

Why would a black man, half African and half white is still black in America according the one-drop rule, say such a thing to a dispossessed population like that? I’m not religious but my father was a minister and I can remember it saying in the Bible that a man cannot have two masters. He will either serve God or mammon. Barack has chosen to serve mammon for the time being because if anyone is God’s chosen people, it’s black people. We are the bottom that must rise to the top and are rising as we speak. All that remains is to ignite the spark in young black man, the spark they need to see the value in themselves and in their history which has never been taught in public schools.

Despite the offense previously stated, I now agree with Barack that there is no black America. A black America would mean that black actually mattered to America in more than words and MLK speeches. A black America would mean equivalent net worth to white families with similar backgrounds. A black America would mean not having disproportionate representation on death row. Yes, Barack was right on but not the way he intended. There are black people and there is America. We just live here because no one gave us a ride back home. America and I are two nations, not under God, divisible with liberty and justice for whites.

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  1. You got that right, liberty and justice for whites. No blacks don’t matter in America not one bit. And anyone who wants to say otherwise is either fooling themselves or outright nuts.

    Great post.

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