Why I prefer Malcolm over MLK

January 21, 2008

Malcolm X and MLK are viewed by most blacks as the two most important figures in civil rights history. I don’t see it that way because everyone contribute a different piece. That would exclude Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglass, Fannie Lou Hamer, Nat Turner and thousands of others. MLK is the most popular figure because he is espoused by whites. He was espoused by whites because of his philosophy of nonviolence and turing the other cheek. I wholeheartedly disagree with that approach.

Malcolm X was not pro-violence as many whites would have us believe. He was pro-defense like the Black Panthers. We know what happened to them. COINTELPRO had them assassinated mostly and the rest were thrown in jail for decades. Malcolm met a similar fate at the hands of the FBI, who planted people inside the Nation of Islam to cause division. Farrakhan exposed their malfeasance in his speech “Who Really Killed Malcolm?” and vowed to never let something like that happen again.

So it is easy to see why there is no Malcolm X holiday. Malcolm taught us to retaliate against the white man for his brutal attacks on our people. MLK relied too much on the goodness or pity of white people. I do not believe that white people as a whole experience pity for others. I believe they want to maintain control over the entire planet and will do anything they can to preserve their privilege, including mass extermination of nonwhites. Malcolm realized this but King was ever optimistic.

History has proven that whites will never view blacks as their equals, even though many times we are their superiors and not just in music, sports and entertainment. There is no room for compromise on this issue. You either have to assimilate and lose yourself to white supremacy or you have to separate. This is the greatest issue facing blacks today: the formation of a black nation. We will forever be tortured if we do not form our own autarky and at least allow ourselves time to heal from the cultural and psychological damage that has been perpetrated on us for centuries. Alas, separation from whites will not save the planet. We are headed down a course of death that can only be averted if capitalism and its overconsumption are ended. How we do that is a matter of debate but time is running short and this is the only planet we have.

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