Florida Manimal Rapes His Dog and Posts Video Online

February 15, 2019

More normal behavior for them…………


Top 10 Richest Pastors From SATAN

February 14, 2019


Ẹ̀jẹbale: The Power of the Blood in Ifa African Spiritual Technology

February 14, 2019

Perhaps the most controversial aspect to Ifa Orìsà spiritual tradition is the practice of animal sacrifice. Some may see it as primitive, cruel and macabre yet the truth is animal sacrifice is practiced by most cultures in the world. If a culture sheds the blood an animal for food or any type of product, then it practices animal sacrifice. And if you partake in any of the food or products from that animal, you are inadvertently participating in animal sacrifice. However, this post is not about animal sacrifice but about the blood and its significance and power in African Spiritual Technology.

In the human body, blood called Ẹ̀jẹ in Yoruba, is the substance which is created in the bone marrow, infused with oxygen in the lungs and pumped throughout the body through the heart. As the orisa Ogún is the provider of the skeleton of the human body, Ogún is directly connected with the blood of all human beings vicerally. In fact the main source of iron (Ogún’s energy) in the body is found in the blood in the form of hemoglobin. It is iron or the oxidization of iron in the blood which actually gives it its red color. It’s the same phenomena which causes iron to rust in the presence of oxygen over time.

The main purpose of blood in the body is to transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells and organs. Blood is also the partial carrier of the Ẹ̀mí- or spirit which was first provided to human beings by Olódùmarè. Ẹ̀mí is associated with and found in the breath but it is more. It is found in the blood as well. All the nutrients whether from animal or vegetable matter consumed are broken down by the small intestines and converted into energy and extracted nutrients which are then deposited into the blood to be distributed throughout the body.

Now the blood as the “carrier of the nutrients and energy” serves as a battery for the organs which is why in the body the heart pumps the blood around the body through the blood vessels and then find outlet at the organs where the blood literally baths the organs while the organ soaks up the nutrients from the blood to use.

This same “bathing effect” of the organs in blood is how we feed our òrìsà icons. We “bath” them in blood. I was fascinated when I noticed the connection of how blood nourished the organs and how we use it to “feed” our spiritual icons. The flesh of the animal is used to feed the community and the orisa. Nothing is wasted.

So why do we feed the òrìsà icons blood? It is because of the spiritual technology at work. We are not feeding the òrìsà persay. Orìsà are not blood drinkers. When they walked the earth, they did not drink blood, they ate food made from vegetables and animal flesh like all other human beings. However, because the icons which they left to be conduits of their spiritual energy are forms of spiritual technological devices, blood serves as a “battery” to activate and empower them. Nothing more. Nothing less. Blood contains vital Àṣẹ, spiritual power which empowers certain spiritual technology. Blood is like the gas which empowers and powers our spiritual technological devices we call òrìsà shrines. And no, we Orisa Ifa practitioners don’t practice human sacrifice!




February 13, 2019


Liam Neeson – Racism and Rapism All In One

February 13, 2019

The Botham Jean / Amber Guyger Psyop

February 10, 2019


If you know anything about 9/11 you know the Twin Towers were a symbol of the Kabbalistic towers Boaz and Joachin representing Severity and Mercy, respectively.  Boaz is known as the pillar of strength or severity and represents the Sun. Jachin is known as the pillar of beauty or mildness and represents the Moon. Boaz and Jachin are built into the architecture of all masonic lodges. Botham Jean initials are BJ. When you see that abbreviation in your mind it takes Americans back to 9/11 subconsciously and blacks even further back to the ancient death of the sun or Heru/Horus and moon or Aset/Isis. When you destroy the mother she cannot resurrect Wsir/Osiris and give birth to Heru/Horus who would overthrow Set who represents the evil in the world.

Botham is a name of English origin that comes from the word “bottom”. Jean is just another name for John which is Hebrew, not Jewish, in origin and meaning graced by Yah. Botham had graduated from Harvard, not that common for melanoids because they make it cost too much without a full scholarship. They basically put the energy of the pink male on to this melanoid. Then they made the pink female kill the fake pink male. That’s the pink genocide the Jews are doing through emasculation of the pink male and the the MeToo bullshit movement funded of course by who? Jews….just like Black Lives Matter.

The name Amber is the same one they chose for the Amber Alert system. In other words it’s a symbol of protection for the pink female. On top of that she was a cop meaning she could take of herself because pink skins practice gender fluidity where men do the mothering and women bring home the bacon. This is because they were not naturally created so they do not exhibit natural behavior in gender roles. Even her last name says the same thing. Guy? Ger? as in Guy Gurl? as in a tomboy. Basically the pink female, pretending to be the pink male slaughtered the black royal king and his queen and thereby prevented the birth of the true Saviour, not Jesus the son of Satan, who would liberate melanoids from this global slavery, mind control and oppression.

Pink skins cannot understand the ancient symbolism because they did not exist when it happened. They only get the 9/11 reference in their subconscious but melanoids get both of them. The Kabbalists always have multiple layers of manipulation and deception just like on 9/11 itself. I’m not saying that Jean really didn’t die but the whole thing is a psyop. Guyger will be exonerated. What happens then is up to you. I already know the bulk of melanoids are going to give our attentional melanin energy right back to the Jews when they need it most. They could have already decided this case. They are waiting for the perfect time to get melanoid emotions all excited so it can fuel their next evil endeavor. WE ARE HELPING THEM DO THE EXACT THINGS WE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT PEOPLE!!!!!! Mind is all and everything vibrates as above so below.

322 is Skull and Bones….basically Aries and Capricorn or Mars and Saturn the two malefics in astrology.

322 in gematria works out like 3×2 concatentate (1+1)= 9 concat 11 or 911. They knew way back then folks.

The Freemasons made all of this happen because they know the symbolism, the astrology and the numerology. You don’t…at least not at their level. That’s a problem that needs fixing because they stole it from you and are using it against you.  They can never comprehend it at the level of melanoids because they have no eumelanin and their pineal gland is largely calcified. Get to work!!!!


City Girls – Twerk ft. Cardi B

February 8, 2019

Wrong as hell because it’s disrespectful to the black womb-man……the only females that can bring a soul into a body. Everybody else just fucking fleshbags. That said………..GODDAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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