African Proverb

March 25, 2019

US – Death Certificate – Ice Cube

March 25, 2019

Dr. Delbert Blair: The Difference Between Human, God-Man and Mankind

March 25, 2019

Pyramid Clouds All Over The Plane-T

March 24, 2019

Pink skins and other non-blacks just cannot admit that black people are the Kemites falsely called the ancient Egyptians. We have the DNA of everyone on the planet because you all came from us. Pyramids channel cosmic energy and these are channeling cosmic energy to move us to the 4th dimension and eventually to the 5th. Only true melanoids can go. No Asians can go. No Arabs can go. No pink skins falsely called whites can go. I don’t believe Indians can go either because their melanin is fake. You are all genetically engineered and do NOT have souls which is why you mistreat the true chosen people so badly with your racism and jealousy of our God-given abilities. You will pay a mighty price for what you have done and continue to do to us. We will show you NO MERCY!!!!!!!!!! the same way you did to us. Die well losers………


“Red Natives” Ain’t Native to America

March 24, 2019

They are a bunch of liars for hire for the pink skin devils who sold out the true bronze natives falsely called blacks who are NOT from Africa. You can tell they are Asian from their eyes. They migrated here across the Bering Straight and are nothing but fakes.


Why Time Travel Is Possible (you’re already doing it)

March 23, 2019

I’ll get straight to the point. Eumelanin that bronze people aka melanoids possess can do anything. It is a substance out of the very creation itself from the Waters of Nun. The problem is that we have adopted the pink skin demelanoid way of thinking that everything can be done physically. Nothing is truly physical except what your senses convey to your brain. Time travel is NOT possible using physicality. Pink skins are deluded as usual thinking themselves to be gods when they’re only devils and negative entities that should not even exist on the same planet with melanoids. Nature is presently correcting that huge mistake.

True reality does not even exist in the 5th dimension. It’s just there are less laws that bind us there. Here we have 48 laws. In the 5th dimension there are only 12 of them. That means the mind can manifest whatever it wants just by thinking. Pink skins will never have this ability which is why they copy everything we do and then take credit for it making a lot of money in the process.

So the point if everything is mind…..and it is whether you realize it or not…..then why would you not be able to travel back in time? You do it all the time right now anyway. Every time you think about some good sex you had you are time traveling. Every time you regret something stupid you did you are traveling to the past. Get it?

The future is a little different but it is not static. You can create your future by thinking about it but you must actually have an intention and willpower to carry it out in third density where we are. In fifth density (which is actually less dense not more) your thoughts manifest. It is the realm of dreams where we travel when we sleep. Some call it the astral realm.

Your thoughts manifest simply through the sheer force of the will of your mind. This is why it is important to control the mind……especially the emotions. Pink skins can go the lower astral realm but never to the higher areas where only melanated beings can go. They are restricted in every sense of the word because we know what they would do if they were not……..kill everyone…….steal everything…..and then lie about it.


The Cold Hearted Truth About Slavery – Mentellect Radio

March 23, 2019


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